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  Chickasha   405-224-2441
  Harrah   405-454-2611
  Holdenville   405-379-2123
  Konawa   580-925-3256
  Lexington   405-527-6124
  Oklahoma City   405-789-6100
  Seminole   405-382-3356




Oklahoma Liquefied Gas observes and honors the following national holidays and will be closed on those days.

• New Year's Day • Memorial Day
• Independence Day • Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day • Christmas Day

In cases of emergency, however, we are always available to our customers.

Safety Tips

If   You   Smell  Gas

  • Immediately put out any smoking materials and other open flames
  • GET EVERYONE OUT of the area
  • Shut off the main gas supply
  • Contact your propane dealer from your neighbor's home or cell phone, if you cannot reach your propane dealer, call 911
  • Do not return to the area until it has been declared safe by your qualified propane technician or emergency responder
  • Have your system checked by qualified propane personnel before proceding to use your propane appliances
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